Mini Mandarins is now in Kennedy Town!
Friends in Island West district can now join our innovative approach to learning Mandarin at FunZone located in Kennedy Town. Stay and play for FREE at FunZone after class!
Mini Mandarins builds children’s confidence and interest in spoken Mandarin through imaginative play in “mini” real life settings. Our play themes revolve around everyday real-life places, such as a supermarket, a restaurant and an animal clinic, which change to compliment our dynamic curriculum. Such design is intended to provide a total Mandarin language environment for them to put their learning to practice.
Now at FunZone – Kennedy Town:
Age 1 – 2: Fri 11:30 – 12:30pm
Age 2 – 4: Wed 3pm – 4pm; Fri 10:15 – 11:15am
Age 4 – 6: Wed 4:30pm – 5:30pm
For more information and to register:
[email protected] / Tel: 2320-1128
Or, register online HERE.
住在港島西區的朋友們, 由十一月起可參加我們在全港其中一個最大的室內遊樂場 FunZone 體驗一下我們嶄新及有效的情境教學模式,融學習,遊戲,練習為一, 好好學習普通話!
我們選取貼近生活的教學主題,定期更換課題。 學員可以在FunZone 的小小城市中暢遊和練習普通話, 每個小朋友都沈浸在互動協作的真實場景中,愉快地交流。 上完課題堂還可以免費在FunZone 玩個不停, 名額有限, 請把握機會讓你的小朋友體驗全新的學習模式!
查詢: [email protected] / Tel: 2320-1128

If you are wondering whether your child will enjoy Mandarin or you’re looking for something to keep young minds stimulated during the school break, Mini Mandarins Easter workshops are the perfect place to start. This bunny season, your children can hop into the world of fun MANDARIN learning with our exciting cooking, art, music and story workshop, suitable for 2.5-10 year olds.

Come join any day from 26-29 March & 3-4 April & 6-7 April, with early bird offer until March 19 for as low as $576 for a 2.5 hour workshop! Limited seats, don’t miss this 10% off Early Bird Discount!

Special offers for 2018 Easter Workshop
🎁 Enjoy your 10% off Early Bird Discount before 19/3
🎁 Extra 5% off for all PM sessions

Birthday Parties

With over 10 years party planning experience, Mini Mandarins’ team of party planners can organize your child’s birthday into an unforgettable extravaganza!

Our Mini Metro and Mini Party rooms can be customized to your theme and be transformed into your child’s favorite setting. It’s the perfect venue for kids’ parties!

You can relax and enjoy every moment at your child’s birthday celebration filled with imagination, creativity and laughs – hassle-free! Don’t worry about entertainers, balloons, games, goody bags…leave them all to us!


Mini Mandarins is the perfect venue for playdates. Book us for a few hours and enjoy playing at our Mini Metro with your friends or classmates. Our instructors are available to guide your children at play while you can enjoy quality time with other parents. Venue can be also reserved privately for your child and his/her schoolmates and friends.

Inquire today with our mini Mandarins staff to see what all the excitement is about. Book early to reserve your spot!

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