Our programs integrate three key elements


We teach in small group classes so our Mandarin teachers can spend quality time with each kid at classroom sessions. We focus on listening and oral speaking, with elements of writing and recognition of Chinese characters to develop a strong foundation for your child’s mastery of Mandarin.


With the vocabulary under their belts, children are ready to apply what they’ve learnt into practice mode. To achieve this, our centre is designed with a spacious role play area called “Mini Metro” where every child has an opportunity to learn Chinese through guided role play in real life settings.


Practice is the essential key to master a new language, and to practice we need to give our children an interactive and fun language environment to ignite their interests! Please contact us to discuss how we can help.



Every new student will undergo an assessment by our experienced teachers to evaluate the proficiency level around conversation, pronunciation, reading and writing.  Together with age consideration, every child will be placed in the following group according to their proficiency level:


(60 minutes)

  • no assessment required, suitable for beginners suggested age 1.5 -2.5
  • Designed to help your child build familiarity with Mandarin through story telling, music and art & craft related to topics in each module.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills to prepare their hands to write Chinese characters.
  • Interact in sensory activities to form association of Chinese words with actions.
  • One parent / caretaker welcome to accompany student in class.


Level 1

(60 minutes)

  • Beginners conversation class for every age!
    We welcome children of above 2.5+ to begin their Mandarin learning journey. Classes are grouped together based on similar ages and proficiency levels
  • Develop fundamental listening and conversation skills through songs and interactive stories guided in Mandarin by our experienced native Chinese-speaking teachers.
  • Build up their Chinese characters vocabulary pool through games
  • Practice through role-plays at Mini Metro to put learning into applications, in order to develop deeper understanding of the meaning behind Chinese words and sentences.

Level 2

2Mini Masters
(60 minutes)

  • Suitable for children 4+ years old with fundamental listening and conversation skills. (Classes are grouped together based on similar ages and proficiency levels)
  • Develop understanding of more complex Chinese words and strengthen fluency in speaking Mandarin guided by our experienced native Chinese speaking teachers.
  • Develop more advanced Mandarin conversational skills through using linking words, cause and effect, comparisons etc
  • Mastery of Hanyu Pinyin & fine tune pronunciation through the four tones in Mandarin.
  • Literacy development is further enhanced through hands-on activities and role-plays at Mini Metro.

Reading & Writing

Level 1

3Mini Scholars Prep
(60 minutes)

This program kick starts your child for the basis of Chinese story reading, characters recognition and stroke writing basics.  Students will:

  • learn Chinese character writing basics and correct stroke order
  • learn to read and build a good habit into reading Chinese story books
  • accumulate their Chinese vocabularies through story, games and songs
  • Practice through role-plays at Mini Metro to put their learning into applications

Level 2

3Mini Scholars Junior
(60 minutes)

This program is the foundation for story comprehension and development for Chinese writing.  Students will

  • learn to build simple sentence structure formation through hands-on activities, and order stroke practice.
  • Strengthen their reading comprehension skills and words recognition
  • Practice through role-plays at Mini Metro to put learning into applications, in order to develop deeper understanding of the meaning behind Chinese words and sentences.

Level 3

3Mini Scholars Advanced
(60 minutes)

This program is an extension of Mini Scholars Junior for students to refine and improve their Chinese comprehension and composition skills. Students will:

  • be immersed in reading comprehension and practicing the formation of more complex sentence structures using linking words and grammar.
  • unleash their creativity in writing simple Chinese compositions and other literature.
  • Practice through role-plays at Mini Metro to put learning into applications, in order to develop deeper understanding of the meaning behind Chinese words and sentences.

Ongoing Evaluation & Reviews

Our program is structured in four different modules throughout the year.  Each module term lasts for 3 months with the design to align with the monthly themes at our Mini Metro.  Upon completion of each module, parents can receive a progress report from our experienced teachers to outline the progress and areas for improvement to achieve the next level of proficiency.


From arts & craft, mini chef to musical theatre…our holiday camps are always popular for kids to arouse their interest and love in Mandarin!

Play @ Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Role-playing in Mandarin = having fun while learning

..what a perfect combination!

Every kid enjoys role-playing, and learns the fastest on what they enjoy.  Mini Metro is an integral part of our “situated learning” model.  This setting is specially themed as a child-sized replica of a real world scenario, like supermarket, doctor’s clinic, fire station etc.  Kids are free to practice Mandarin under this interactive and collaborative environment to complete our “mini missions”.  This play area also changes periodically to reinforce our topics being taught in classrooms.

While children are having fun at Mini Metro, they also learn respect, social skills and teamwork – essential elements to prepare themselves into responsible citizens in the future.

Get ready for some Mandarin in action!

Mini Supermarket

Mini Post Office

Mini Animal Hospital

Mini Airlines

Mini Chef

Mini Construction Site

Mini Icecream Parlor


Practice makes perfect!

Our students always look forward to come to our classes, it is simply the most effective yet fun and meaningful way for your children to pick up their second (or even third) language!


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