Nurturing confident Mandarin communicators
through immersive and thematic role-play curriculum


Every new student will undergo an assessment by our experienced teachers to evaluate the proficiency level around conversation, pronunciation, reading and writing. Together with age consideration, every child will be placed in the following group according to their proficiency level:

Our Course

Practice @ Mini Metro


..what a perfect combination!

Every kid enjoys role-playing, and learns the fastest on what they enjoy. Mini Metro is an integral part of our “situated learning” model. This setting is specially themed as a child-sized replica of a real world scenario, like supermarket, doctor’s clinic, fire station etc. Kids are free to practice Mandarin under this interactive and collaborative environment to complete our “mini missions”. This play area also changes periodically to reinforce our topics being taught in classrooms.

While children are having fun at Mini Metro, they also learn respect, social skills and teamwork – essential elements to prepare themselves into responsible citizens in the future.