Summer Fun Workshop | 普通話夏日學堂


Help your little ones enjoy conversing in Mandarin this summer! Awarded as winner of Hong Kong Living, Expat Living and Sassy Mama as the best kids’ language learning center, Mini Mandarins Summer Workshop helps children improve their language skills and build their vocabulary bank through listening, speaking and grammar practices.  Children will participate in different fun-filled activities each day, including storytelling, arts & crafts, problem solving and EQ/IQ Interview Foundations, and zoo-and-supermarket theme-based learning at the Mini Metro.



Theme-based learning is a great way to enthuse young learners



Monday - Musical Musician 星期一:小小音樂家

This workshop is designed to build confidence in performing at our musical theatre. Your child will be immersed in our imaginative world of music and rhythm as he/she learns to sing different Mandarin songs and enjoy various musical movements. 



Tuesday - Mini Artist 星期二:小小藝術家

Your child will create an unique masterpiece while learning Mandarin with our native Mandarin speaking teacher. 



Wednesday - Mini Storyteller 星期三:小小演說家

Storytelling is one of the teaching strategies to help your child learn and practise listening skills, learn to read and read independently. This course chooses stories and colourful illustrations from various topics to aid a child’s growing mind and stimulates their imagination. 



Thursday - Tang Poetry Performers 星期四:小小唐詩表演家

This workshop will cultivate children’s cultural and literacy appreciation skills through the rhythmic poems in Tang poetry.  It also helps to build their oral presentation skills with boosted confidence and stronger voice projections. 



Friday - Logical Reasoning  星期五:邏輯與思考

We prepare your child for school interviews, where focus be placed on problem solving and presentational skills.  We offer customized approach focusing on building logical and critical thinking skills to help boost their confidence in expressing themselves in Mandarin. 



Date 日期:                              Jun 12 - Aug 18  

     星期一至五 Mon - Fri | 每週五堂 5 lessons per week

Time 時間:                              a) 9:30 - 12:00

                                            b) 14:30 - 17:00

Location 上課地點:             Unit 202-205 & 4/F Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


Lesson Plan 課程結構:   

  • Mini Metro Playtime 小小城市遊玩 
  • Interactive Sharing 互動分享
  • Snack Time 茶點時間

Fee 費用:                           HKD1,000/堂 per lesson (每堂 2.5小時 2.5hrs per lesson | HKD400 per hr)


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Tel:                    2320 1128
Email:         [email protected]


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