Our Mission

We aim to provide students with a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages the mastery of Mandarin, and help them develop their passion for Mandarin and the Chinese culture.

At Mini Mandarins, we provide a meaningful child-centered activity-based Mandarin curriculum that builds thinking, reading, writing and communication skills.



Strategic Partnership


In 2022, Mini Mandarins formed a strategic partnership with ARCH Education to offer Mandarin classes to students aged 3 to 10. Under the new partnership, our programs are designed to engage and spark students’ interest in the Chinese language at a young age and help them to build a solid foundation in speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese. 

Mini Mandarins has also partnered with Victoria Playplark to bring a high-quality Mandarin program to the Victoria Playpark Centres to inspire interests in language and cultural learning for our toddlers and kindergarteners.

Our Team

All our teachers are all highly-qualified native Mandarin speakers who have attained distinction levels from the National Putonghua Proficiency Assessment (國家語委普通話水平測試) 


Our Classes


All our classes are conducted in small groups with a maximum of six students per class. Each class runs for 60 minutes. Special holiday camps are usually 2.5 hours per session. Private lessons are also available for either 1 or 2 hours. 


Our programs integrate three key elements

We teach in small group classes so our Mandarin teachers can spend quality time with each student in the class.  We focus on listening and oral speaking, with elements of writing and recognition of Chinese characters to develop a strong foundation for your child’s mastery of Mandarin. 

With the vocabulary under their belts, children are ready to apply what they have learned into practice mode. To achieve this, our centre is designed with a spacious role play area called “Mini Metro” where every child has an opportunity to learn Chinese through guided role play in real life settings. 

Practice is one of the essential keys to master a new language.  An effective way to practice is to give our students an interactive and fun language environment to spark their interests! Please contact us to discuss how we can help. 

Our Strategic Partners



Our Collaborating Partner