“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”
“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”
“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”

A premier Mandarin learning centre in Hong Kong — focusing on language learning for young kids through interactive play, practice and applications.

Looking for something fun and educational for your kids to do during their mid-term break?

Mini Mandarins has prepared a series of fun and innovative workshops for 2.5-10 years old. Our mid-term break workshop includes a range of exciting classes and activities like Cooking, Arts & Craft, storytelling and my dream job, where they will have lots of fun and learn Mandarin from our experienced native teachers!

mid-term break workshop begins October 15 to October 19, 2018.  Check out our programs here or contact us today!

Mini Mandarins is now offering the best ever “Back-to-School” promotion package

From now until September 30, 2018 enroll in Mini Mandarins course for 4 to 6 full months, you will receive a 10% discount! Choose your class immediately and enjoy great fun in Mini Mandarins!
Here we come, a new school year! Time to start planning for the after school activities of children heading back to school.
Our course provides a total Mandarin immersion experience. It is particularly effective for those who need a boost of confidence in learning and using Mandarin. Our engaging lessons help children develop interest and enjoyment in spoken Mandarin. Imaginative play in our themed play area “mini metro” allows kids to practice their lessons in real-life environments. Together with songs, stories and games led by native Chinese speaking teachers, students quickly build up a functional Chinese vocabulary that they use immediately.

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Mandarin Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

We all want to give our children a positive and fun learning experience, but Mandarin is really not that easy to be engaging and fun!! Yes. We hear your needs, so at Mini Mandarins we help children learn than make it interesting, whilst above to help them improve their listening and speaking skills immensely!

An important element of the curriculum is “Mini Metro”, a simulated real-world setting (alternating settings such as supermarket, restaurant or clinic), which helps children to learn Mandarin in an interactive way by integrating Mandarin into their daily lives, complemented with a strong learning classroom component. All classes are taught by experienced native teachers, and provide a balanced training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, inspiring your children’s enthusiasm and interest to learn Mandarin!

Mini Mandarins is now a “Caring Company” 

Mini Mandarins is honoured to be awarded as a “Caring Company” in 2018.
We will continue taking up the responsibility to care our community, employees and the environment.
caring company

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