“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”
“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”
“To speak another language is the fast track to your child’s success in the future, at work and at play”

A premier Mandarin learning centre in Hong Kong — focusing on language learning for young kids through interactive play, practice and applications.





Looking to preserve your child’s hard learned Mandarin through the school holidays? This October, we are offering half-term break workshops for ages 2.5 years and up. It will be running each weekday from 2nd October to the 31st October 2019. Each workshop is 1.5 hours long and filled with fun and immersive Mandarin learning experience. Learning a second (or third!) language has never been more fun. Come and experience our unique interactive and thematic classroom and “mini metro” for the best total Mandarin immersion that fully simulates real-life environment.


Our 3-days package offers most valuable rate – slots are limited and is filling up fast! Contact us today and reserve your spot here 不要錯過我們三天套票(折扣價後每節為$420)的機會,立即聯絡我們或填妥以下表格 為您的小孩安排一個有趣的學習假期吧: https://forms.gle/keUxMAmcP1n13ZUX9

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小小漢語的課程設置為情境教學模式,被網站 Expat Living 和 Sassy Mama 選為2019最佳語言學習中心第一名。我們提供豐富的語言環境把所學的普通話技能應用於實際生活中, 培養小朋友的興趣和自信。從基礎會話開始,到拼音,認讀,創意寫作等,適合1.5-10歲的小朋友。

Does your child need a boost of confidence and interest in learning Mandarin? Join Mini Mandarins today with our back to school offer of up to 50% off!

Voted the best language learning centre by Expat Living and Sassy Mama, Mini Mandarins is well loved by families of Hong Kong with our unique theme-based curriculum. Our real life simulated “mini metro” helps children to develop skills in conversing, reading and creative writing. Come join us for a total Mandarin immersion experience with native speaking teachers, suitable for children age 1.5-10 years old.

Mini Mandarins Learning Centre is honoured to be Voted 2019 Best Language Learning Centre by Expat Living Hong Kongand Sassy Mama Hong Kong 小小漢語被譽為Expat Living 和 Sassy Mama 2019 我最喜愛語言學習中心

We are humbled and thrilled to be chosen as the most favourite language program for kids in HK.

Our innovative situated learning approach to Mandarin is unique of its kind in HK. Since inception, Mini Mandarins has stimulated many kids from local and expat families develop interest and build confidence with enjoyment in oral Mandarin and written Chinese.

Sincere thanks to all the support from our parents, educators and collaboration partners! We will continue our mission to offer quality education and joy to learning Mandarin for our students!



Mini Mandarins is now a “Caring Company” 

caring company

For the second consecutive year, Mini Mandarins Learning Centre is pleased to announce that we have been awarded “Caring Company 2018/2019” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) again this year in recognition of our commitment in Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment. The award of Caring Company firmly recognizes our long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility, we will continuously contribute to the needs of community in various aspects.


Mandarin Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

We all want to give our children a positive and fun learning experience, but Mandarin is really not that easy to be engaging and fun!! Yes. We hear your needs, so at Mini Mandarins we help children learn than make it interesting, whilst above to help them improve their listening and speaking skills immensely!

An important element of the curriculum is “Mini Metro”, a simulated real-world setting (alternating settings such as supermarket, restaurant or clinic), which helps children to learn Mandarin in an interactive way by integrating Mandarin into their daily lives, complemented with a strong learning classroom component. All classes are taught by experienced native teachers, and provide a balanced training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, inspiring your children’s enthusiasm and interest to learn Mandarin!

Mini Mandarins is now also available at:


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